Clubs and Organization

Millbrook Middle School offers a variety of clubs for students.  In August, the school hosts a club night where students are given the opportunity to learn about each club and sign up for the club of their choice. 
General Information


Sponsors: Mrs. Hawkins & Mrs. J. McKenzie

Meeting day/time: 3rd Tuesday of the month

Membership capacity: 25

Fees: None

Description: 4-H is the largest national youth development organization. It teaches students about many life skills, such as being a good citizen and learning about the local community. The Elmore County Cooperative Extension office offers many activities on the weekends and in the summer as well. A summer 4-H camp with a wide variety of activities is also offered. We learn some of the basics of what 4-H does.


Sponsor: Mrs. Hicks

Meeting day/time: Tuesdays after school until 4:30

Membership capacity: 30

Fees: $40 (T-shirt and all supplies)

Description:  A club to express the students’ creative side. We will paint, draw, create with clay and ceramics and more. We will recreate master pieces and create like the famous artists.


Sponsors: Susan Barnes, Lisa McKenzie, and Phillip McGuire

Meeting day and time: 2nd Wednesday of the Month

Membership capacity: Membership is by Invitation Only based on grades and behavior.

Fees: $30.00 - Covers National Dues and T-shirt.

Description: The BETA Club is a nationally recognized organization that recognizes academic achievement and citizenship. The Club Motto is ‘To lead by Serving Others’.

Boys Club     

Sponsor: Spencer Wade

Meeting day and time: Last Wednesday’s each month. 

Membership capacity: 25

Fees: $25; T-shirt and field trip. 

Description:  This club gives the opportunity to all male students at Millbrook Middle School to learn how to conduct yourself as a respectful and responsible gentleman in our society. We go over self-respect, chivalry, and placing an emphasis on others before self.


Sponsor: Mrs. Whitaker

Meeting day/time:  Wednesdays 3:30--4:30

Membership capacity: 20 as of right now (could change)

Fee: $50 (choir t-shirt, sweatshirt, travel/performance fees)

Description: Students audition for an opportunity to be in the choir. Auditions are based upon presented opportunities- students will need to listen to announcements for the audition days. Members have sung at the Junior League Holiday Market and for the school. We have collaborated with the other clubs to put on performances for MMS students and community.

Diamond Dolls

Sponsors: Mrs. McAlister & Mrs. Glover

Meeting day/time: Tuesdays/ after school/once a month from November- March

Membership capacity: 20

Fees: $30 (club t-shirt and materials needed to make baseball players treat bags and posters)

Description: Diamond Dolls is open to 7th and 8th grade girls interested in supporting the baseball team. Diamond Dolls attend home games, make posters, help at the field, and make treat bags for each member of the baseball team for each home game.

Girl Code

Sponsors: Mrs. Atkins & Mrs. Glover

Meeting day/time: 2nd Wednesday of each month

Membership capacity: 25-30

Fees: $25 (club t-shirt and materials needed for Girl Code activities and crafts)

Description: Girl Code is open to 5th and 6th grade girls. Girl Code meets to help girls learn about positive self-esteem, manners, and promote involvement in different community service projects.


Sponsors: Mrs. Bellman and Ms. Beale

Meeting day and time: First Tuesday of every month after school until 5

Membership capacity: no limit

Fees: no fees (You can purchase a t-shirt, but that’s optional)

Description: Christian Club for 5th-8th graders. 

Magic Tournament Team

Sponsor: Mr. Johnson

Meeting day/time: Wednesdays after school until 7:30 pm

Membership capacity: 15

Fees: $30 at sign up, $20 every 2 weeks in each season. (tournament cards) Members keep the cards they draft in tournaments and win one free pack per round win.

Description: The MMS Magic Tournament Team gives students an opportunity to use their intellectual and creative skills in a team-oriented environment. Students learn the value of practice and perseverance while adhering to a very rigid practice schedule that hones their game skills. Magic Tournament team members become a part of a global community of competitors estimated to be 10 million people worldwide from all age groups and various backgrounds. The Otaku Magic Tournament team features intense practical Algebra using Magic, the Gathering Cards.The Magic Tournament team competes on the school and local level in the creative collectible card game Magic the Gathering. It is fun when you collect favorite cards and use your great math skills to apply the right moves and abilities to strategically win Draft and Standard Tournaments.


Sponsor: Mr. Johnson

Meeting day/time: Tuesdays after school until 5:30 pm

Membership capacity: 25

Fees: Donation of one teen appropriate Manga.

Description: The Otaku Club features drawing and story writing. The club examines and discusses current trends in Anime, Manga, Comic Books, and Collectible card games.

Pep Squad

Sponsor:  Tracy M. Berry
Meeting day and time:  Tuesday and Thursday
Membership capacity: 24
Fees:  $215 for Team Uniforms
Description:  The pep squad is a team for students who are interested in cheer and dance. The club is responsible for displaying school spirit. The team performs at home football and basketball games.


Sponsors: Carrie Licina/Lana Moore

Meeting day and time: Tuesday/Thursday until 4:30-5

Membership capacity: 15

Fees: $50 covers fees for Robot Events registration; there will also be competition fees

Description: The MMS Robotics club offers students the opportunity to have hands on experience building and programming robots to solve problems. We use VEX IQ and VEX VR robots and a computer program that allows visual programming of the robots. Students will drive the robots with controllers, as well as program to run the robot autonomously. Teams will be formed for building, coding, keeping an engineering notebook, and completing research for a STEM project. Students must be willing to complete any of the above tasks. Attendance is required. Two missed meetings without a doctor’s excuse will result in removal of the program.

Student Council

Sponsors: Mrs. Brock

Meeting day/time: 2nd Wednesday of every month from 3:15-4:15

Membership capacity: 1 representative per homeroom/ 5th and 6th Grade Only

Fees: None

Description: Students build their leadership skills by representing their class to voice their ideas for improving things on campus.  Students participate in community service activities to foster a love community and build social skills.


Sponsors: Mrs. Gagnon, Mr. Wade & Mrs. Phillips

Meeting day/time: 2nd and 4th Thursdays at 7:10 a.m.

Membership capacity: Open to anyone 5th – 8th Grade

Fees: None

Description: Bible Study and fellowship